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EAVE's Offering 


What is EAVE’s solution?

EAVE has developed a system to help employers prevent noise induced injuries at work. EAVE’s solution consists of two components: the EAVE PEAK noise monitoring and mapping platform and the EAVE WORK MKI intelligent ear defender.

How Can I obtain the EAVE solution today?

Call our London office on 0333 880 5693 (previously 0207 253 3414). Email or click on the Enquire button on our home page. 




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How does EAVE's solution work?

The EAVE WORK MKI headset continually samples the ambient noise level and wirelessly uploads the data gathered to the EAVE PEAK platform, which creates an online noise ‘heat map’. The MKI enables communication in noise using a microphone array combined with Digital Signal Processing. The MKI is Bluetooth enabled. 

What is the EAVE WORK MKI’s battery life?

The rechargeable battery lasts for 30-60 hours depending on the functionalities enabled. It takes approximately three hours to fully charge the battery.

How much does it cost?

The EAVE WORK solution is sold as a monthly subscription based service. The price depends on how long you need the EAVE WORK solution for, what level of service is required and how many people need to use it. PEAK is accessed on a monthly subscription basis. For multiple order purchase or lease discounts contact us directly for a quote.

How is the location of the noise data mapped by the EAVE PEAK platform captured?

Bluetooth beacons are placed on site and the EAVE WORK MKI headsets continuously record the nearest beacon and link this with a time stamp and the associated environmental noise level.

Does EAVE collect personal data about the users?

No, the data that EAVE's solution stores on the EAVE PEAK platform is anonymous. EAVE does not collect data identifying users. EAVE adheres to the GDPR.

Where does EAVE store the noise mapping data?

The anonymous noise mapping and monitoring data is encrypted and stored on a UK based secure server that is regularly backed up.

Who has access to thE Noise mapping datA?

Access to the information collected on the EAVE PEAK platform is restricted. Customers access PEAK with a username and password to visualise the data. The user controls who has access. 

What differentiates the EAVE WORK intelligent headset from other hearing protection products?

The EAVE WORK MKI headsets are the only ear defenders that have integrated noise mapping and dosimetry. In addition they are Bluetooth enabled and have environmental pass through. 

PPE Compatability of the MKI

Eye protection: Most, Yes. The EAVE WORK MKI uses a gel cushion to reduce sound leakage when used with eye protection.

Respiratory Protective Systems: Most, Yes. If there is a connector for mounting ear defenders.

Helmets and bump caps: The EAVE WORK MKI uses a clip that is certified for the following helmets: JSP EVO 3; JSP EVOLite; Centurion Concept.

Face shields and masks: Most, Yes.

We will always check the specific PPE that the MKI needs to work with on your site before supplying it to you . We will perform our own fit checks if necessary.

does the MKI work with hearing aids?

Most, Yes. You'll be able to test it first.