The EAVE WORK MKI is the world’s first intelligent ear defender headset. Wherever noise is a hazard, the MKI’s microphones and controls let workers communicate clearly and effectively, through their headsets. Less risk to hearing, less downtime.

And all the while, its on-board sensors help you keep an eye on noise across your site, mapping levels and building an audit trail of compliance.

Make short work of noise with the EAVE WORK MKI.



Slow-Draining, Fast-Charging

In normal ’passthrough’ mode, with the user controlling the sound that passes through to the ears, the MK’s battery will keep going for over 25 hours, but charges via USB ten times faster than it drains. That’s non-stop protection and communication, throughout the day.


Safe Sound, All The Time

The level of environmental noise and speech reaching the ears is always kept within safe limits – never too much, never too little – thanks to EAVE’s Dynamic Range Compression Engine™. 


Constantly Connected

The MKI securely connects the headset wirelessly with its last paired device, suchas the user’s mobile phone and other Bluetooth devices. So, even during phone calls, there’s never any need to lose the protection of the headset.


The Data Generator

Whenever the headset is on, it records real-time noise data and links it to a precise location, provided by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons. When it is transmitted by the MKI to the cloud via our charging hub, that data can help build a noise map of your site.


Noise By Numbers

Our noise mapping platform, PEAK, does all the work of monitoring noise exposure for you. Interpreting the data uploaded to the cloud by MKI headsets, PEAK generates a tangible audit trail and automatic noise reports, making compliance plain sailing.


A Clear Picture

It’s not always obvious where noise presents a hazard. PEAK, our noise mapping platform, takes data from MKI headsets to map the noise exposure across your site, and give you a clear picture of where the hazards are. No need for manual data collection or report writing, or even expensive software. Just log in to the encrypted cloud-based system via your browser.



You’ll want to hear this: replacing passive ear defenders with the EAVE MKI will generate significant savings for your business.

With the adaptive protection of the MKI, one headset fits many different noise level environments; there’s no need to invest in different protectors for different levels of noise.

The MKI lets a safe level of sound through to the ears so face-to-face communication is possible in noisy environments, eliminating much of the downtime caused by workers removing their headsets, switching off machinery or moving somewhere quiet to have a conversation. With the MK1’s Bluetooth connectivity, even phone calls can be taken with a headset on.

It all adds up to reductions in work-related hearing loss, stress and tiredness, with short and long-term benefits to worker and employer. Communication related mistakes and failures can be reduced, days lost to illness can be cut, and working lives can be extended.



Finally, all of the noise exposure data that the company needs for compliance purposes is compiled, mapped and reported on automatically. Noise maps show you how exposure is spread across the site and how it changes over time, and personal dosimetry records each individual’s exposure to noise. Labour-intensive assessments are a thing of the past. You get the data you need, nothing more nothing less.

Sound good?

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Case Studies


BAM Nutall

On the site of a major regeneration project in Nine Elms, London, one of the UK’s leading construction contractors put our systems to the test. BAM Nuttall wanted to see for themselves if EAVE WORK MKI headsets and PEAK noise mapping platform could improve communication in the midst of concrete breakers, air picks and excavators, and provide a clear, comprehensive record of on-site noise in case of Section 61complaints from neighbouring properties.

The feedback was so positive that BAM Nuttall created its own film presenting the case for the system to share internally, and has extended the pilot to several other sites across the UK. The trial was initiated by the company’s Innovation Group, where health and safety is seen as a vital area for demonstrating leadership and building reputation.

Engie_Lac_3-2 copy.jpg


The international energy group, Engie, were one of our first customers. In the Netherlands, the company has issued EAVE headsets to multiple locations, and reported that the users were able to save up to 30 minutes worktime every day.

Managers are able to hold conversations with colleagues by radio or phone, through the headset, without the need to hunt them down in the noisy facility for a face-to-face dialogue, without headsets.

That’s a lot of energy saved, too.




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