The EAVE WORK solution

Reduces the risk to employers of Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims by providing actionable data on the duration and amplitude of noise exposure.

Reduces the risk of workplace accidents and the associated costs by improving communication and environmental awareness for operatives in noise.

Protects employees from harmful levels of noise.

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Exposure to impulse noise or continuous noise increases the risk of  Noise Induced Hearing Loss.


The Platform - PEAK


PEAK automatically provides the data you need to support compliance relating to noise mapping, exposure and reporting. Noise maps show you how exposure is spread across your site and how it changes over time. The dosimetry records each headsets exposure to noise. Labour-intensive assessments are a thing of the past.
PEAK is accessed through your web browser so there's no need to install any software.


The Product - EAVE WORK MKI


A Sound Investment

With the adaptive protection of the MKI, one headset fits many different noise level environments; there’s no need to invest in different protectors for different levels of noise.

The MKI lets a safe level of sound through to the ears so face-to-face communication is possible even when the ears are protected. Eliminate the downtime caused by removing hearing protection, switching off machinery or moving to quiet zones to have a conversation. With the MKI’s Bluetooth connectivity, even phone calls can be taken with hearing protection on.

It all adds up to reductions in work-related hearing loss, stress and tiredness, with short and long-term benefits to worker and employer. Communication related mistakes and failures can be reduced, days lost to illness can be cut, and working lives can be extended.

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Slow-Draining, Fast-Charging

In normal ’passthrough’ mode, with the user controlling the sound that passes through to the ears, the MKI’s battery will keep going for over 55 hours, but charges via USB ten times faster than it drains. That’s non-stop protection and communication, throughout the day.

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Safe Sound, All The Time

The level of environmental noise and speech reaching the ears is always kept within safe limits – never too much, never too little – thanks to EAVE’s Dynamic Range Compression Engine.

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Constantly Connected

The MKI securely connects the headset wirelessly with its last paired device, such as the user’s mobile phone and other Bluetooth devices. So, even during phone calls, there’s never any need to lose the protection of the headset.

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The Data Generator

Whenever the headset is on, it records real-time noise data and links it to a precise location, provided by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons. When it is transmitted by the MKI to the cloud via our charging hub, that data can help build a noise map of your site.

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Noise By Numbers

Our noise mapping platform, PEAK, does all the work of monitoring noise exposure for you. Interpreting the data uploaded to the cloud by MKI headsets, PEAK generates a tangible audit trail and automatic noise reports, making compliance plain sailing.

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A Clear Picture

It’s not always obvious where noise presents a hazard. PEAK takes data from MKI headsets to map the noise exposure across your site, and give you a clear picture of where the hazards are. No need for manual data collection or report writing, or even expensive software. Just log in to the encrypted cloud-based system via your browser.