Case Studies

A selection of EAVE case studies


Manchester University

The team of Arborists at Manchester University have been using the EAVE system for over a year. It has allowed them to communicate safely from the tree canopy to the ground to avoid falling branches and work more efficiently. Manchester University has developed a tree plan and policy which requires the planting of two trees for every one removed.

TFL Tube Challenge

In April 2019 the EAVE team set themselves a challenge to break the World Record of the fastest time to visit all 270 stations on the London Underground. They did this while using EAVE’s innovative technology to monitor noise levels in each station, which revealed shocking data about the noise levels commuters are exposed to. See the BBC report on the findings here.

Bam NuttalL

BAM Nuttall are early adopters of the EAVE system. Their focus on innovation allowed EAVE to work closely with their teams in construction and civil engineering. They trialled the first version of the MKI headsets and have continued to work with us as we develop innovative solutions for working safely in noise.


Who we’ve worked with