What is the cost of complacency?

Eave launches new ear protectors with a hands-on live event

More than 11 million people in the UK have some form of hearing loss. Did you know that hearing loss costs the UK over £30 billion a year? More than double the cost of smoking. 

Employers risk major exposure if they don’t address the effects of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) in the workplace. This is the cost of complacency!

Eave hosted an exclusive group of industry leaders and experts, at our offices in London, to help them understand how our latest technology can solve NIHL. We gave them a first look at our latest solution, which is going to set a new standard in hearing conservation.

At our event we launched the FocusLite. The world's first hearing protection with built in microphones that test both environmental and personal noise exposure. The only hearing protection with fit-testing. Our solution helps industrial organisation automate and digitise their noise management processes through software and sensors built into intelligent ear defenders.

Clare Forshaw, Occupational Health & Hygiene Partner and previous Head of the HSE's Centre for Health, spoke about Eave’s fresh approach to hearing conservation, and helped Eave demonstrate the new FocusLite:

"We need more products, more solutions, to help the industry tackle noise at the source and help people's hearing. I think everybody should be ready for something like Eave is bringing to the market."

Eave’s team of engineers and developers invited guests to participate in a hands-on game, intended to educate people about the difference between active and passive ear defenders. 

One of the events attendees, Alan Murray, CEO of BSIF, said: "The engineering and innovation is what makes a difference, and I think what we saw with the FocusLite is great innovation."

David Greenberg, CEO of Eave, launching the FocusLite at the event, said: "For the first time in the construction and manufacturing industry, people responsible for those working in noise are actually going to know what risks people are being exposed to, which means that they can actually do something about it."

To find out more about the new FocusLite, download our press release below.

David Greenberg