The Original professional product from eave

The MKI records noise data and seamlessly uploads it to Peak.

With the adaptive protection of the MKI, one headset fits many different noise level environments; there’s no need to invest in different protectors for different levels of noise.

The MKI lets a safe level of sound through to the ears so face-to-face communication is possible even when the ears are protected. Eliminate the downtime caused by removing hearing protection, switching off machinery or moving to quiet zones to have a conversation. With the MKI’s Bluetooth connectivity, even phone calls can be taken with hearing protection on.

It all adds up to reductions in work-related hearing loss, stress and tiredness, with short and long-term benefits to worker and employer. Communication related mistakes and failures can be reduced, days lost to illness can be cut, and working lives can be extended.

The MKI comes in headband and helmet variants.

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Manchester University case study

The Arborist team at Manchester University were one of the early adopters of our MKI ear defenders. We went to visit them during a work day to find out how they used the product and what they thought about it.


MKI Downloads

Certificate of Conformity - EN352

Certificate of conformity - ANSI

MKI user manual