The Latest product from eave

Designed in house from the ground up, the FocusLite is now the benchmark in hearing protection. Combining hear-through of sounds for environmental awareness, noise exposure logs and all day battery life all in a sleek design, there is nothing else like it available anywhere in the world. Inside the ruggedised, ergonomically designed housing is a mini-computer that makes hearing conservation operate like magic.

Extensive time has been spent not just on providing industry leading technology but in comfort and ease of use too. The FocusLite is the lightest product of it’s kind on the market (at 249g for our helmet version, and 285g for our headband version).

For compliance our microphones can be easily calibrated on a regular basis to ensure the data produced is accurate. The FocusLite comes in headband and helmet variants.

tech specs.png

Making of the FocusLite

Check out this quick video we made showing some of the process behind our latest product. It was filmed during the end stages of our internal development just before entering into full production.


The focuslite is currently undergoing certification