Our Mission

To eliminate the isolation and loneliness caused by Noise Induced Hearing Loss. To achieve this we provide employers with noise exposure maps and real time dosimetry data to help them mitigate noise risk. We provide employees with hearing protection headsets that enable them to have direct communication to improve the experience of working in a noisy environment.


EAVE is the result of over a decade of work in the field of Hearing by founder and CEO Dr David Greenberg. David started his career as a clinical audiologist before completing a PhD in Auditory Neuroscience with the mission to prevent the loneliness and isolation that often results from Noise Induced Hearing Loss. Having first hand experience of dealing with the impact of hearing loss in his family combined with years of developing the knowledge of the many factors involved, David developed a clear vision of how to achieve his mission and set out to make it happen and so EAVE was founded.

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Our Values


We do things not based on what has been done before, but what could be done tomorrow.  We pride ourselves on introducing new technology to health and safety, and refusing to adhere to the status quo.

EAVE’s foundation comes from witnessing the loneliness and isolation that can be caused by hearing loss. Our goal as a company remains to create the tools necessary to eliminate this loneliness and isolation.

We are true to our goal of protecting employees’ health from the risks caused by noise and mitigating the risks employers face from noise induced hearing loss related litigation all the while respecting the anonymity of the users.

We understand the needs of our users and we listen to feedback through pilot projects and collaborative work. Our focused team is able to act faster than anyone else on the market to improve our products.

“At EAVE we operate in such a way that we look at the realities of occupational disease and hazards in the workplace and apply unique design principles and cutting edge technology to develop genuine solutions. Where we see that the solution we developed improves the current state of play we aim to work with lawmakers, insurers, employers and regulators to get the guidance for best practice updated to reflect a new and improved reality.

We never look at ways of simply conforming to standards, we believe they should be viewed as a minimum benchmark, not an end goal and should not be assumed to be best practice. We know a lot more about noise and hearing now than we did in 1989 when the Noise at Work regulations were first written and even since 2005 when they were rewritten. We also benefit from what is now possible with technological developments such as those that are implemented in the EAVE WORK solution.”
— Dr David Greenberg


Designed from the ground up in our office in London, we are honoured that our first product won the 2018 Product Innovation of the Year in Health and Safety from the British Safety Industry Federation.  The BSIF is the UK’s leading trade body within the safety industry and gives the award each year. This recognises EAVE as among the leaders of positive change in the health and safety industry and demonstrates how cutting-edge technology can be applied to disease prevention.

Our BSIF Product Innovation award

Our BSIF Product Innovation award